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10 January 2003
Telepathy Caught on Camera?

An experiment to demonstate telepathy between identical twins, performed on UK TV's Richard & Judy show. produces astonishing results.

To the Moon in a Space Elevator?
Less than two decades from now, equipment and even people could reach the cosmos by way of an elevator zipping along a 62,000-mile carbon nanotube.
(Source: Wired.com)

Features and Interviews:
Corporism: The Systemic Disease that Destroys Civilization
Huge corporations now control America's body politic by reason of their bald-faced purchases of the three branches of the American government and America's major media.
by Ken Reiner

Dan Mapes and the Metaphysics of Virtual Reality

Dan Mapes, high octane CEO of San Francisco's leading virtual reality design company SynergyLabs blurs the edges between 'normal' reality and virtual reality.

Jah Wobble and the Inspiration of William Blake
Jah Wobble takes dprogram to his favourite private haunt, an eerie inner city jungle which has emerged beside the Lee Navigation Canal in the East End of London. He tells us why William Blakes' brand of nonconformist, mystical philosophy speaks to him and why he thinks it's still relevant to anyone trying to survive the spiritual bankruptcy of our own times.

Desert Visions and the Burning Man
dprogram meets Burning Man cofounder Larry Harvey and finds out why a new hype resistant strain of counter culture is flowering annually in Nevadas' Black Rock desert and talks about freedom, community and Burning Man's pose free zone with Technical Director and long-time art activist John Law.

High Tea with Alexander and Ann Shulgin
dprogram enjoys cookies, strawberries and a guided tour of the famous laboratory at the Shulgins farm in the Oakland Hills. Ann and Sasha discuss the attractions of Rave culture, the dangers of the drug laws and the psychology of the establishment taboo surrounding psychedelic exploration.

The Religious Spot
dprogram catches up with Bishop Joey, Head of the First Church of the Last Laugh, during a spot of late night missionary work at San Francisco's Anon Salon.

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell tells dprogram why his parapsychology experiments and the experience of seeing the earth from space on the 1971 Apollo 14 Moon Mission "threw his life in the air" and led to the formation of The Institute of Noetic Sciences, which now, with over 60, 000 members worldwide, is a leader in serious PSI research.

The Naked Civil Servant
dprogram catches up with the Man from the Ministry while he's off duty at a UFO conference in London and hears how access to Britains defence X Files have changed his views about the nature of reality.

The New Age Colonisation of Native American Culture
dprogram sits on the well manicured lawns of the Berkeley campus to talk to Cherokee scholar Dr Sara Parker about how the West was really won, peyotism and the colonisation of Native American spirituality by the New Agers.

Global Brain Waves
dprogram visits Peter Russell on his boat in Sausalito and hears about fake gurus, cyberspirituality and signs of positive dissidence on the net.

Global Mind Change
In one of his last interviews, the late Willis Harman, Futurologist, writer and former President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences tells dprogram about the Institutes successes in applying conventional scientific methods for researching unconventional science topics and shares his vision of an emerging alternative world-view that represents a profound threat to establishment instititions - and hope for the rest of us.

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Originally broadcast on UK television's Channel 4, dprogram is an award winning, mind expanding trip featuring rare and exclusive interviews with leading edge personalities from areas like cyber culture, consciousness research, parapsychology, music and art.

Volume 1 includes:
Dan Mapes CEO of San Francisco's leading edge virtual reality design company SynergyLabs on the metaphysics of VR.
Jah Wobble Musician and founder member of Public Image Limited on Cockney mystics, creativity and the inspiration of William Blake.
Dr Sara Parker UC Berkeley scholar on the New Age 'colonisation' of Native American spirituality.
Bishop Joey Head of the First Church of the Last Laugh - the worlds fastest growing snack relgion!
Burning Man A unique four day experience exploring creativity and consciousness in Nevada's Black Rock Desert.
Willis Harman Former president of The Institute of Noetic Sciences on their 'conventional research into unconventional areas'.
Dr Edgar Mitchell Founder of The Institute of Noetic Sciences and Apollo 14 astronaut on parapsychology experiments in space.
Nick Pope of the British Ministry of Defence on why he had to change his mind about the UFO phenomenom.
Peter Russell Author, on the global brain, spirituality on the net and our part in the evolution of the planet.
Ann & Alexander Shulgin Pioneer researchers into psychedelics and the mind, on the politics of ecstacy.
And more...

Running time: 70 mins.
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